Not resolved

Strongly recommend never using this site.

Wasted 1 hr trying to place an order for 1 item online - system always kept billing and recipient addresses the same no matter that I redid the order 13 times. Called customer service the next day and requested to speak with technical support for the web site.

Was told that there was none that the customer could talk with. the customer service representative wasted 25 minutes of my time going over what I had tried the night before. She tried to evade the problem by saying that the billing address didn't matter because I was using PayPal.She eventually blamed the problem on my having the wrong address in PayPal. I knew this was not true since I had place a Telefora order using PayPal 10 minutes before this call and I had checked the billing address.

In addition, I checked PayPal after we hung up and I had not placed the order - my address was correct so there is no way that PayPal transferred the incorrect address to Prep Sportswear. I do not support companies that refuse to maintain their web sites or have technical support available.

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